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New: Even more delicious and renewed! 5 attractive fresh doughnuts with "honey glazed" toppings using plenty of honey from the Rokko Mountains in Kobe, Japan.



Dot Donuts is a store that serves handmade raw doughnuts made with Kobe ingredients.
They are handmade from dough in the store using wheat from Hyogo and milk from Kita-ku, Kobe.
Starting with plain raw doughnuts made from fermented dough, deep-fried and sprinkled with Wasanbon sugar, the shop offers a wide variety of flavored doughnuts topped with various tastes.
We also offer flavored doughnuts and cream doughnuts with various tastes and toppings.

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The first store opened in October 2022, and the second store opened the following December.

Dot Donut" quickly became a popular store with lines out the door, offering handmade fresh doughnuts made with local ingredients such as Hyogo wheat and eggs from Awaji Island.

You can enjoy round, fluffy shaped raw doughnuts with a light "airy x chunky" texture.

Local ingredients are used! Renewed "Honey Glazed


Honey Glazed" 280 yen (tax included)

The "Honey Glazed," which has been a steady favorite since its opening, has been renewed for even better taste from April 2024.

The honey used for the coating has been changed to honey from the Rokko Mountains in Kobe, Japan!
Because it is unheated, the original aroma and taste of honey can be enjoyed even more.


The airy and light texture of the raw doughnut is coated with honey.
The roasted peanut topping is an accent.


This product is sold year-round at both the first ".donut" store and the second ".donut factory" store.

The volume is very satisfying! Cheesecake


Cheesecake" 450 yen (tax included) *Only available at the first .donut store.

The airy, raw doughnut dough is filled with rich, mild Hokkaido cream cheese!
The topping is a crunchy cookie with a soft aroma of cinnamon.


Even a single piece is a generous portion!
They are popular for giving you the satisfaction of eating a cake.

Airy raw doughnut with toppings


Image taken from official Instagram

Orange Chocolat" 300 yen (tax included) *Product only available at the second store.donut factory

We also introduce "twice delicious" doughnuts with unique toppings!

The "Orange Chocolat" is a doughnut made with "Naruto Orange," a specialty of Awaji Island, Hyogo.
The NARUTO orange is an orange with a rich aroma of peel and sweet-sour and bittersweet juice, and is an endemic species discovered on Awaji Island about 300 years ago.

The orange is kneaded into the dough and covered with dark chocolate, with a little bit of orange on top.
The fresh aroma of the doughnut is said to spread softly.


Image taken from the official Instagram
Pistachio doughnut" 490 yen (tax included) *Exclusive to the second store.donut factory

A refreshing donut perfect for the coming season.
Toppings are lemon peel and pistachios for a fresh aroma.


Chocolat on Nuts" 290 yen (tax included) *Exclusive product for the first store.donut

For chocolate lovers, this is the one to try: a chocolate dough blended with two types of chocolate is coated with an even greater amount of chocolate.

The chocolate aroma can be felt the moment you put it in your mouth.

The to-go box is also nicely designed.


Donut" is a takeout specialty store, and if you purchase five or more pieces, you can take them home in a cute gift box.

The box is stylish and fits the image of a donut that pursues simple deliciousness.

Pure white design inspired by the image of fresh doughnuts


The inside of the second store, ".donut factory," is based on the theme of "white," which is reminiscent of the image of fresh doughnuts.

The showcase displays more than 20 varieties of raw doughnuts, including limited editions. Starting with the most popular "freshly made dots doughnuts," which allow you to taste the flavor of the ingredients, there are also a wide variety of flavors including chocolate and fruit flavors!

Behind the showcase, you can watch the doughnuts being made, which makes the freshly made deliciousness even more impressive.

The popular ".donut" store sells more than 1,000 fresh doughnuts a day, so try using their fresh doughnuts for various occasions, as a gift or as a treat for yourself!

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Date of interview: 2024.05.13

The photos are provided by the store.
This article is based on a telephone interview.

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